D., Broker in Finance

Meta & Aura coaching sessions has been a life changing experience.

We have the ability to change and improve ourselves in order to achieve our goals and meet our true potentials.  I now understand that life is all about perceptions and we can work on them.

Sandra’s insight into the human mind helped me tremendously in reaching a higher state of consciousness. I am very grateful to Sandra for all her support during our sessions.

G., Manager in Luxury Retail

I would highly recommend to anyone to try with Sandra due to her style and approachable way- very trustworthy and comfortable.

E., Entrepreneur

The coaching process is very interesting and powerful to improve your life. My weekly meeting allows me to evaluate my strenghts and weaknesses on defined purposes.


I particularly appreciate Sandra’s techniques, which allow me to visualize in a very concrete way the paradoxes, and wrong beliefs that impede me to succeed. But also the positive attributes I should enhance. Benefits are amazing; I am now convinced that everyone should have a coach! 



J. P.A to CEO

Since i have been coming to Sandra, I am starting to feel more confident in myself, trusting myself more. my anxiety has nearly gone. Sandra makes me feel completely comfortable and I have an instant trust in her...thanks for her guidance

P. P.A

I have suffered from a skin disorder for almost a year. I tried various treatment but it did not work. after two sessions of kinesiology with Sandra my skin disorder is almost completely cured,

O., Teacher

I would not think that a kinesiology session could help me reflecting on myself so deeply and helping me relaxing. This session brought me a great insight. I highly recommend Sandra for a kinesiology session.


As I was struggling with many emotional issues, I got recommended to meet with Sandra. This is how I discovered Kinesiology. 

I did not have much expectations to be honest as I tried other practicians before with not much success. With Sandra I was blown away. From the very first appointment she could sense, analyse and focus on the source of the blocking points and enabled me to unlock them in a very smooth, rational and efficient ways. It gave me a true feeling of wellbeing and lightweight in a very short period of time.


Sandra makes you feel like « everything will be fine » and gives you more confidence and trust in yourself. I feel really lucky that I met her

A., Marketing Manager

I want to thank you for the amazing and very inspiring introduction to the world of kinesiology. I understood that it would help me working on issues that can affect me both physically and emotionally (sometimes not being fully conscious of these). The night right after, I slept very well and felt energized and boosted the following day.


Right from when i first started seeing Sandra  and having  Kinesiology sessions with her i had an amazing feeling of trust and an amazing feeling of well being. I had been diagnosed by a medical doctor to have stage 3 Cancer .

Feeling quite frail and weak at my first visit i wasn't sure what to expect  but after talking with Sandra right from the start I started to feel calmer and have much more serenity from deep within. After each session with Sandra i started to feel so much stronger and as she worked on me things have gotten so remarkably better. 


Every session even prior to the start of each session i have a great feeling of calmness! As time has gone one with each session i have felt better and now beginning  to feel stronger. I believe that the Kinesiology treatment and Sandra’s treatment knowledge is working positively.


A. Marketing manager

Excellent combo that I would like to recommend.

the coaching sessions allowed me to dig into some subjects, understanding better and helping me going beyond my limits. 

adding kinesiology helped me identifying the root issues . it was a real discovery and i was able to raise my level of awarness, recentering myself, letting go of some past pattenrs or behaviors and simply feeling better.

C. Marketing and communications Director, Fashion industry 

If you have a clear objective and if you are very motivated and open-minded, go for it! Sandra is a powerful facilitator who will, thanks to insightful remarks and questions, guide and empower you to come to the conclusions by yourself. By doing so, your outcomes will be even more powerful and deeply ingrained.

Thank you Sandra for coming into my life. I feel so grateful and privileged to having met you. With your insight and intelligence you found the right way to tackle my life-time goal. Finally, more than 20 years after I started working on it you made it happen!