• Sandra Cohen

Do you know what’s in your cosmetics?

According to survey of 2300 people, on average, respondents use nine products daily. These contain 126 unique CHEMICAL ingredients. 

Many cosmetics and personal care products contain chemicals, including endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which can cause adverse health effects, and some are potentially linked to breast cancer.

Here’s just a few examples;

Perfume - 250 Chemicals

Most worrying are; Benzyldehyde & Toluene 

Lipstick - 33 Chemicals

Most worrying are; Polymenthyl, Methacrylate 

Foundation - 24 Chemicals 

Most worrying are; Polymenthyl, Methacrylate 

Eye Shadow - 26 Chemicals 

Most worrying are; Polymenthyl, Terephthalate What does this mean for you? Next time you look to use one of your daily cosmetics, read the ingredients! Are there ingredients you don’t understand in there? What could you replace this cosmetic with? There are so many natural ways to keep up your beauty routine without the overuse of chemical based cosmetics.  Do your research into what you need or don’t need!