• Sandra Cohen

2019: your beliefs are powerful enough to create your future

During the transition between 2018 and 2019, I have been able to take a pause and look at all I have achieved during this past year. Naming only a few of the changes; moving country, reassessing my business, actively making changes to my business approach and setting my goals for 2019. 

When looking back at those 365 days I remember in moments questioning myself and letting fear come over me, but I have now realised that I somehow already knew what my goal was as most of my actions were automatically moving towards that transition.

A few of months ago, in June 2018, I arrived in London with a completely blank canvas for the London branch of my business and a fresh start. I was fortunate enough to be able to assist on a talk given by Bruce Lipton who was in town. This talk was inspiring and helped me to reflect on why I let this fear take space in my body and my mind, how I was letting it provide me with a feeling of invasion and absolutely wanted to detach myself from it.

So what was the root cause of this fear?

The fear is an expectation created by our consciousness. Through the prism of fear, we are caught in some misperception that disempowers us. In order to develop our self we need to challenge our old beliefs by being more creative, thinking out of the box and being in the movement. 

You might say it’s a full program.

In 2019 I will be actively continuing to change my beliefs and why not join me? 

For example;

Is there anything stopping you from reaching your goals?

Do you feel that something needs to be changed in your personal and professional life? 

Using my expertise in Business, Executive Coaching and Kinesiology I am able to help others assess the root cause of their fear and help them to achieve change in order to move forward without fear. 

Sandra Cohen

Founder of Aura & Meta

Executive Coach & Kinesiologist