Realizing your Potential


Distinctive positive quality or atmosphere generated by an individual, “soft breeze” in the original Greek



A Greek prefix meaning “with”, “beside”, “among”

"Each person reacts to challenges in a different way due to their own life experiences. Each person’s definition of a challenge differs. 


At Aura & Meta, my goal is to assist both individuals and executives in understanding more about themselves and their reaction to challenges, and how best to activate personal strengths and qualities to realize their objectives. 


Through my dedicated kinesiology sessions, I seek to guide every client along their own unique journey to full self-awareness.


In corporate settings, my knowledge of kinesiology is brought together with professional business coaching in areas such as leadership development, Emotional intelligence development, Interpersonal communication. A truly holistic guidance process then becomes possible, including recognition and release of inner stresses as well as potential.


What is kinesiology? This non-invasive east-west technique integrates modern western muscle monitoring with eastern healing practices to identify imbalances and physical disturbances in the body and restore positive energy flows, creating fresh pathways for change. 


Through such reinvigorating alignment of the self, new vistas open up for achieving inner and work goals and enhancing personal fulfillment.  This is what matters at Aura & Meta. Realizing your potential.


I look forward to working together."


Sandra Cohen