With Executive Coaching, Sandra Cohen’s clientele includes corporate leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and  lawyers, supporting clients through crucial and important decision-making and strategising on their pathway through the business world.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching offers an opportunity for individuals to accelerate their own personal and professional development and performance, whilst also having a beneficial impact for wider teams and organisations.

Through support and facilitating changes, coaching can bring increased confidence and momentum to support and motivate leaders in the corporate world.

Each person reacts to challenges in a different way due to their own life experiences. Each person’s definition of a challenge differs. 


At Aura & Meta, my goal is to assist both individuals and executives in understanding more about themselves and their reaction to challenges, and how best to activate personal strengths and qualities to realize their objectives. 

What can Executive Coaching be beneficial for?

- Building self-confidence

- Career transition

- Leadership development 

- Managing conflict

- Managing relationships

- Return to work

- Startups and Entrepreneurial ventures

- Stress management

- Work/life balance

- Any other tailor made executive coaching to match specific client requirements